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Cloud computing – and where it is at today. Since we launched our first cloud solution for business applications in 2005, our offering has taken a big step forward each and every year. In the IT world, updates are identified with release numbers. So we’ve chosen to talk about our experiences in terms of “the cloud generation 1.0 to 7.0”. At a fictitious IT summit with our customers, we take a look at our application-aware networks and mobile solutions from the cloud; our made in Germany security offerings; and today’s Cloud Readiness Services.
Reinhard Clemens
Editorial. Reinhard Clemens, Member of the Board of Management at Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems CEO on trusting new technologies.
Mette Ahorlu
Analyze IT. Mette Ahorlu, IDC Research Director, on reservations about the cloud, how service providers can reassure companies, and the changing role of CIOs.
News. Get an overview of the latest T-Systems news from around the world.

experience + expertise

Cloud Control

Graphic. R&D data is not suited to the public cloud, but Email and calendar functionality is. Illustration on how different cloud services can be combined to provide secure, efficient and cost-effective support for business processes.

Cloud pioneer

Vorwerk. The direct-sales company was the first global player to switch to T-Systems Dynamic Services back in 2005. Since then, Vorwerk has enjoyed SAP resources on demand with up to 100 percent scalability.

CIO Talk at Daimler

Dr. Michael Gorriz
Dr. Michael Gorriz. Head of IT at the automotive giant on how public and private clouds are entering the business world, car2X technologies and the largest cloud-based collaboration platform in the world.

Cloud readiness

Cloud Readiness
Consulting. Before redesigning its IT landscape, Africa’s largest glass manufacturer Consol analyzed how suitable its processes and applications were for the cloud using a largely standardized methodology.

ICT on draught

HEINEKEN. Following its acquisition of South American brewery Femsa, the world’s no. 3 beer brewer HEINEKEN tasked T-Systems with the biggest SAP carve out in its history – with 300,000 SAPS and 42 terabytes of data.

A closer look

Cloud Services
Guest book. IT strategist Don Tapscott explains how to test the suitability and security of cloud services and why he recommends taking a look at service providers’ values to win the trust of business users.


David Weinberger
David Weinberger. The Harvard IT expert suggests creating strategic knowledge networks. With their help, the knowledge available on the Internet can be used to significantly increase productivity.

People and technology

human beings and technology
Guest book. Users often disagree about security and the risks associated with new, complex technologies. Sociology of technology experts Professor Johannes Weyer and Robin D. Fink on how man and machine can co-exist.

It all begins with trust

Stefan Huegel
By the way. Can it only be euphoria or rejection? Stefan Huegel, editor at German magazine Computerwoche, on the discrepancy between technological possibilities and user acceptance.
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